I believe in a personalized one-on-one approach to massage. A thorough intake and consultation is important to ensure you get the most out of your massage. No two bodies are the same and therefore no two massages are the same.


30/45/60/75/90          $55/$80/$90/$110/$130

A therapeutic massage utilizes a variety of techniques to make your body feel the best it’s ever been. Your therapist will consult with you before your massage to find out your aches and pains, so by the time you're on the table, they know exactly what you need to feel like brand new. Communication mixed with deep tissue modalities such as myofascial release, trigger-point therapy, heat, cold, and range of motion focused work is the key to a great therapeutic massage.

Ideal for everybody, from office workers to athletes. Whether you're looking for deep tissue, relaxation,or to focus on a clinical problem like a frozen shoulder, this massage is for you, because its tailored to you. 

Enhance this treatment with the therapeutic and healing heat of Himalayan salt stones for and additional $20.

Couples Massage

The same high quality, personalized massage, but shared with someone special. Whether your significant other, best friend, or mother, nothing is more relaxing or special than sharing a massage together!

All couples massages end with 10 minutes of relaxation, in our serene and calming couples room, before you have to re-enter the world.

Therapeutic Couples Massage

60/90          $175/$250

Couples massage must be booked by phone or email. No discounts apply unless specifically noted. Referral credits may be used towards couples massage.

Add Himalayan Salt Stones +$20 each

Add Aromatherapy +$10 each


60/90         $90/$130

For the mamas-to-be who carry the weight of the world on their shoulders and the weight of another human being on their hips. There is no better time to get a massage than while you're waiting for baby to arrive. Massage is a safe and effective way to counter the growing pains that accompany being pregnant, however it does require some special set-up to accommodate two. Please book this appointment if you are pregnant so that your therapist knows to have the table prepared to make you as comfortable as possible.*

*It is recommended to wait until your second trimester to receive massage. I will massage in the first trimester, but will require a signed waiver. 






Indulge in the ultimate massage experience. For 75 minutes be transformed into a brand new you. Begin with a full body exfoliation followed by a therapeutic massage which includes the use of heated salt stones. Complete your journey with a foot scrub and rose hip oil facial massage. Aromatherapy included. 

A $190 VALUE!

For gift certificates, please email me with your full name and the service you would like to purchase. I will send you an invoice for the price of the service and mail the gift certificate either right to you our the recipient.

Discounts do not apply to gift certificates unless specifically noted. 





Ever feel like you just need to escape from the world?

Escape to a room secluded from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Overwhelm your senses with aromatherapy, gentle music, and warmth.

R&R stands for relaxation and reflection. Begin your R&R journey with a 15-20 minute head, neck, and shoulder massage to bring your body into a deep state of relaxation. For the following 10/25/55 meditative, minutes you will be left to reflect wrapped in a heated blanket, with soothing sounds, the aroma of your choice, and warm salt stones in your hands. At the end of your meditative session, you will be welcomed back to the world with a 5 minute head and face massage.



30 Minute Journey          $35 

50 Minute Journey          $50 

80 Minute Journey         $75


Add 30 minutes of tranquility onto a massage for only $20*
*does not include head/neck/shoulder massage 



Hand OR Foot Scrub $15

Hand AND Foot Scrub $20

Full Body Exfoliation $15

Facial Massage w/ Rose-hip Oil $15

Himalayan Salt Stones $20

Aromatherapy $10 

*Does not add additional time to your service



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